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In difficult times, it is natural to feel despondent and fearful.

Yet we hear stories of human compassion in the face of struggle, resilience under tribulation, and unity in the midst of strife.

What can we see around us in our daily lives that we can be thankful for?



"It is not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential. " - Bruce Lee
This is one of my favourite quotes from one of the most famous and well loved kung fu legends of all time. A timely reminder that having more does not necessarily make us happier or give us more meaning and purpose in life. Rather, we want to anchor ourselves with the people, values and memories that really matter.
What is your favourite quote?



Good or bad, who knows? There is a story of a man who goes through ups and downs in life. Each time something happens to him, he is asked if he sees it as a good or bad thing. Each time he replies, "Who knows?" And true enough, there is always a twist or turn of the story that suggests that something seen as bad may have a good outcome and vice versa. In life, every experience can be an opportunity for learning and growth, for building character and reflecting on our values. What have you learnt today?



Unhelpful thoughts such as "I am not good at anything" or "Nothing I do ever matters" make us feel sad and hopeless, lose motivation, and avoid doing things. This leads to a spiralling down of our bodily responses, feelings and actions, which then leads to undesired outcomes. We can learn to identify these unhelpful thoughts, look at them from a different perspective and consider more helpful ways of thinking. What are some of your unhelpful thoughts? How can you change them to more helpful thoughts?



A helpful statement can come from a friend, a loved one, a favourite story, a line in a movie. Whatever helps to lift your mood, give you a boost, encourage you and keep you going. 
Here are some helpful statements that make my day:
"Thank you for being here with me."
"You can do this!"
"Just breathe."
What is yours?

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